Regardless of the benefit, whether it be purely aesthetic or it has a functional purpose, we are able to offer a selection of accessories and optional upgrades for your vehicle. For further information including prices and availability, or if you have something in mind that is not mentioned below, please call us on 0161 980 5767 and we will be happy to help.
  • Window tinting
  • Bluetooth/Handsfree telephone kits
  • Parking sensors
  • Towbars
  • Body styling products
For Alloy Wheel & Tyre Upgrade packages, please click on the Alloy Wheel page above.
Professional Window Tinting
Apart from adding to the aesthetics and style of your vehicle, privacy glass and tinted windows also provide a greater element of security against prying eyes, along with helping to reduce bright sunlight rays for rear passengers during hot or sunny weather.
We have an established relationship with window tinting specialists who offer a high level of workmanship and quality and therefore can arrange for this enhancement to be carried out on your vehicle.
Bluetooth & Hands-free Telephone Kits
In today's world where we're communicating and using our phones more than ever and in the interests of staying and on the right side of the law whilst doing so, an in-car hands-free kit can be a very useful and in some cases, invaluable piece of equipment.
If your car does not have Bluetooth connectivity or a factory fitted phone kit, we can have one fitted for you. There are a variety of options available with different levels of functionality such as standard systems which provide solely telephone function, while some of the higher level units offer audio streaming and more.
Speak to us regarding your specific requirements.
Parking Sensors
Parking sensors and parking assistance systems can be without doubt a very useful feature to have. They make parking in tight or small spaces much easier, particularly with larger cars and reduce the potential risk of bumper or body damage.
If the car you're buying does not have them as standard or as part of the optional equipment and it is a feature you would like, we can have them fitted for you.
If you're planning on towing with your new vehicle and require a towbar, speak to us about your requirements and we can arrange both supply and fitting.
Body Styling & Leather Interior Upgrades
Tastefully carried out body styling upgrades can enhance and add to a car's looks. If you would like to customise or add accessories to your vehicle such as boot spoilers, front grille conversions, side steps (4x4s & SUVs) or exterior trim colour coding, we can advise you on the available options and discuss your preferences.
A beautifully crafted leather upholstery can transform the interior of any car. Our designated car upholstery specialists have many years experience in their field which enables us to offer the option of a leather upholstery upgrade or re-trim. This can be in part (e.g. the addition of, or changing of the leather colour of only certain sections of the seats) or anything up to, and including a full interior. Anything is possible (within reason!)

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